The city of Cantanhede has experienced a demographic , economic and tertiary evolution over the past few years. Sthe municipality, with 390.88 km² of area and 34,218 inhabitants (according to the 2021 census), has several leisure, hospital and teaching services of great importance in the region. It also has a recent scientific research center.

The economy is predominantly tertiary in the city, and primary in the other parishes of the municipality. Due to the clayey properties of the soil, the most profitable crops are the fewth demanding: potatoes, fodder and vines. The vineyard landscape in the plain surrounds the city and allows the production of a wine recognized internationally for its characteristic taste.

The valley where the municipality fits is associated with the extraction of the raw material that gave rise to the architectural heritage of the city, such as the churches that still preserve the religious stactand ornaments of high artistic value. The Stone Museum is a celebration of this matter that designed Cantanhede in the heyday period of renaissance sculpture of the country and linked it to unavoidable names of the history of national art.

In tourism, you can enjoy moments in diverse natural environments, between the sea and the forest. On the beaches of the county, take the opportunity to go to baths, or take the opportunity to practice nautical and aquatic activities such as surfing, bodyboarding and paddle boarding. Alternatively, take in relaxed walks and observe the fishermen's nets and typical Xávega Art boats.

In the local gastronomy, stands out the piglet of Bairrada, ex-libris of the region, which accompanies with the local wines. Also taste gandaresa soup, old rooster or turnip açorda. Trim the meal with andwarf cake. flapria or pumpkin girl porridges. 

Source: Cantanhede Town Hall

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Hospital Arcebispo João Crisóstomo
+351 231 419 210
Rua Padre Américo
3060-186 Cantanhede
+351 231 422 446
Avenida Bombeiros Voluntários
3060-909 Cantanhede
Câmara Municipal de Cantanhede
+351 231 410 100
Praça Marquês de Marialva
3060-133 Cantanhede
Turismo de Cantanhede
+351 231 410 155
Largo Conselheiro Ferreira Freire
3060-201 Cantanhede
Bombeiros Voluntários de Cantanhede
+351 231 422 462
Rua dos Bombeiros Voluntários
3060-163 Cantanhede
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