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Living in central Portugal is a registered trademark that aims to bring together the main cultural elements of each region. In order to maintain maximum communication, the brand is available in three languages.

The chromatic triology of the icon reveals the diversity of the center of Portugal: yellow in allusion to the sun, green refers to nature and blue connects us to lakes and beaches.

It is in this perfection and centrality that we defend our maxim that Living in the Center of Portugal is...
live in the center of happiness

Regions of central portugal

To live in the Centre of Portugal is to live and live with the excellence and perfection that a country can offer us. Get ready to get to know the largest and most diverse tourist region in the country.
Central Portugal is bounded to the north by the Northern Region, to the east by Spain, to the south by the Alentejo, to the southwest by the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. This is a land of contrasts that offers you the best of both sea and mountain. It is divided into eight sub-regions, which are in turn made up of a limited number of concelhos.
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