Oliveira do Hospital

Oliveira do Hospital is one of the most beautiful municipalities of the district of Coimbra and serra da Estrela. Here, the visitor comes across surprising portraits and refuges, traces dating back to prehistory, evidenced in particular by dolmens and tapirs, and so many other records built throughout the county, which mirror the greatness and history of this region.

The primitive name of the village had been Ulvária, which means floodland, where there are ulvas; of Ulvária will have derived to Ulveira and from here, by analogy and misrepresenting, to Oliveira. The name "of the Hospital" follows exactly from the assignment of a Commendation to the Order of The Monks of St. John of Jerusalem, Order of Hospitalries, also known as the Order of Malta.

The municipality is endowed with a large number of heritage elements of high value, some of which are considered as Classified Heritage of National Interest, as are the cases of the Chapel of the Blacksmiths, the Moçárabe Church of São Pedro da Lourosa and the Roman Ruins of Bobadela.

Oliveira do Hospital
Being a region that values its past, its people and its customs, there are also a number of museums that you can visit, such as the House Museum of the Dona Maria Emília Vasconcelos Cabral Foundation, the National Museum Dr. António Simões Saraiva, the Tarquínio Hall Museum, the Olive Oil Museum and the Ethnographic Museum of the Parish of Meruge.

The municipality of Oliveira do Hospital is about an hour from Coimbra and Viseu. It is endowed with good access, which also allow the trip to other points to the north and south of the country.

In Oliveira do Hospital you will find several infrastructures and services essential to the day-to-day of inhabitants and visitors, without the need to travel to the nearest district capitals.

Praia Fluvial de Alvoco das Várzeas_Oliveira do Hospital
From the highlights of tourism of the municipality stand out its river beaches, of unique beauty, which fit now in the middle of green and contrasting areas, now in the middle of the city. It also has as options, the visit to the vast built and aqueological heritage, or the vast walks through nature that allow to know the fauna, flora and shale paths that Oliveira do Hospital has to offer.
In gastronomy, the great highlight goes to the cheese of Serra da Estrela. You can also taste the typical dishes of the region such as suã rice, the feijoada of the shepherds and the lamb created in the county. Complete your meal with a tasting of regional sausages and serranos cracklings, accompanied by Dão wine. In the desserts stand out the bowl and the curd with pumpkin or honey jam.

Source: Oliveira Do Hospital Town Hall

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Turismo de Oliveira do Hospital
+351 238 609 269
Casa da Cultura César Oliveira, R/C - Rua do Colégio
3400-105 Oliveira do Hospital
Centro de Saúde de Oliveira do Hospital
+351 238 600 250
Av. Dr. António Afonso Amaral
3400-057 Oliveira do Hospital
+351 238 604 444
Avenida Dr. Carlos Campos
3400-058 Oliveira do Hospital
Bombeiros Voluntários de Oliveira do Hospital
+351 238 604 370
Av. Doutor Carlos Campos
3400-058 Oliveira do Hospital
Câmara Municipal de Oliveira do Hospital
+351 238 605 250
Largo Conselheiro Cabral Metello
3400-062 Oliveira do Hospital
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