Vila Nova de Poiares

The archaeological remains of settlement of the territory of Vila Nova de Poiares date back to prehistory, and came to us through the form of Dolmen, classified monument of national interest. 
  with evidence in records that speak of a Roman bridge in place of Murcella. Here passed one of the most important routes, which made the connection from Coimbra to Bobadela, near Oliveira do Hospital. The traces of the passage of Muslims in this space arrive through legends and toponyms such as Moura Morta, Toca da Moura or Mouras Encantadas.

This region, surrounded by three rivers - Mondego, Alva and Ceira -, will have been coveted by the Portuguese who, attracted by the temperate climate and captivated by the abundant diversity of animal meat and fish from the rivers, were fixed here. The villages were growing in the hills and on the banks of rivers, especially the Mondego, where there would be castros that served to monitor river traffic or as a refuge for the villagers . that served as a support for pilgrims and travelers in the Beiras region.

Vila Nova de Poiares
In addition to a vast history that underpines its foundation, Vila Nova de Poiares has mountain and river landscapes, such as the Mondego and Alva rivers, perfect for tourism and the practice of nature and adventure sports such as river descents, canoeing or sport fishing; numerous trails and paths to practice mountain biking and off-road motor sport, or simply for a walk or race through the different routes that exist in the county.

The friendliness and good welcome of the people of Poiares do not go unnoticed to those who visit this municipality, located only 30 minutes from Coimbra. Its access to the other surrounding district capitals is also of good quality.

Vila Nova de Poiares is considered the ''National Capital of Handicrafts and Gastronomy'. Be sure to try regional dishes such as chanfana, bucho rice and the negalhos. In the sweets, the typical poiarito, sweet rice and cream milk stand out. Finish your meal with the region's spirits and liqueurs.

A municipality that has bet on growth and development, although without losing the details and characteristics of its own that delight its visitors and citizens. Its evolution, marked by an existence not far away, has determined its rapid access to modernization, through the creation of natural, sporting, cultural and economic infrastructure to serve communities.  it is also visible its organic integration with the surrounding area, valuing the geographical space in which physical proximity is a fundamental factor.  the municipality of Vila Nova de Poiares knew how to generate employment, combining the tertiary sector with services, industry and tourism.

Source: Vila Nova de Poiares Town Hall

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+351 239 421 119
Rua General Humberto Delgado
3350-160 Vila Nova de Poiares
Centro de Saúde de Vila Nova de Poiares
+351 239 421 294
Av. dos Bombeiros Voluntários
3350-152 Vila Nova de Poiares
Bombeiros Voluntários de Vila Nova de Poiares
+351 239 429 010
Zona Industrial de Vila Nova de Poiares, Lote 23
3350-214 Vila Nova de Poiares
Turismo de Vila Nova de Poiares
+351 239 422 760
Av. Dr. Manuel Carvalho Coelho
3350-154 Vila Nova de Poiares
Câmara Municipal de Vila Nova de Poiares
+351 39 420 850
Largo da República
3350-156 Vila Nova de Poiares
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