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The project "Living in the Centre of Portugal" was born thinking about the difficulties of visibility of the central area of Portugal and will highlight, both nationally and abroad, the central area of Portugal as the best region to live and visit.
The company's support for the "Living in the Centre of Portugal" project is limited and exclusive to the areas of activity that directly contribute to the experience of living in central Portugal, which are:

Rent to cars, transfers and travel agencies

Local accommodation and hotel units

Tourist entertainment



The project "Living in the Centre of Portugal" is fully aware that it is not easy to grow a company in an area considered in the interior, mainly because the international recognition about Portugal is mainly restricted to Lisbon, Porto and algarve. The lack of tools and means of promotion available for companies in the central region to project themselves to potential domestic and foreign customers is also virtually non-existent. It is this gap that we propose to fill.

We present a complete marketing solution that
will take your company to the four corners of the world!

Site fully responsive to the different devices and that will allow to present worldwide the directories with all participating companies, visible 365 days a year and in 3 languages, Portuguese, English and French.


Social networks with optimized performances, with capture of interest in relocation to the center of Portugal and consequently referral to the respective participating companies.

Tourism and real estate fairs
The staff of "Viver no Centro de Portugal" says to be present at the national and international real estate and tourism fairs where it will represent the companies participating in the project, as soon as the number of adherents justifies it..

Other services available
The companies participating in the project "Living in the Centre of Portugal" also have access under more advantageous economic conditions to the following services:
Advertising with promotional videos on our social networks and on our website.
Distribution of flyers, invitations, business cards, etc. at national and international fairs.
Static ads on our platform and social networks.

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If your business is in the Center, youhave access to all this visibility and customer referral. Contact us:

Note: The participating companies do not have in this project additional payments of fees or commissions, the referral is direct to the companies.
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